Nye, Sand and Stones

Somewhere off the coast and around the corner there are two islands. One island is made mostly of stones and the other mainly of sand, and that's where the problem began. Young Nye doesn't understand why the people on her Island of Sand work so hard to build beautiful sandcastles every day if they are destined to be ruined by the stones catapulted over by the people of the Island of Stones every evening. When she asks "Why?" all she ever hears in response is "Because". As years go by, Nye realizes that the "Because" is starting to make sense to her and this makes her angry. And an angry Nye decides to take action. Through this story about injustice and challenging the status quo, readers will be inspired to think deeply about why and how we can bring about change in the world.

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8 3/4" x 10 3/4"
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Galbraith, Bree
Orca Book Publishers
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