Earth's Insects Need You: Understand the Problems, How You Can Help, Take Action

Earth's insects are in trouble. That's one half of this book's simple but incredibly important message. The book's other, more hopeful, ""call to action"" is that everyone can do something to help protect bees, beetles, and thousands of other insects.Without insects, many animals, including birds, amphibians, fish, and reptiles could not survive. Humans would struggle to grow enough food and decomposers would not be at work recycling dead plants and other waste materials. Learn how loss of habitats is affecting insects worldwide Discover how our use of pesticides and other chemicals is destroying insect populations Understand what insects need in order to thrive and increase in numbers Learn what we can we do as consumers and campaigners Discover how to create wild places for insects And see how even a small window box can be a food source and shelter for vital insects such as bees Perfect for young conservationists who want to improve our world and e

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Ruth Owen
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