How Do Your Muscles Move?: Questions about Bones, Skin, Hair, and More

How Do Your Muscles Work? Is one of four books in the Inquisitive kids guide to the human body series.How Do Your Muscles Work? is a fantastic introduction to the science behind how your body moves and what holds it together. The skeleton, muscles and skin are explained through hilarious, colourful illustrations and an engaging question and answer format, designed to appeal to even the most reluctant readers. Packed with plenty of giggle-worthy gross bits, it's a fun and accessible look at an important subject.Stuff kids want to know, that need an answer to... what is a zit? how long would your nails grow if you never, ever cut them? how do muscles grow bigger? what muscle is the hardest worker?Find the answers to these questions and much more! Kids will love the hilarious illustrations It's a fresh take on a popular topic. With so many fun facts to uncover, science has never been more fun!

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7" x 9"
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John Farndon
Lerner Publishing Group (Hungry Tomato®)
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