Epic Feats: The Legends of Hercules and Perseus

Cover Art for Epic Feats: The Legends of Hercules and Perseus

The son of ZeusÑking of the godsÑand a mortal mother, Hercules has power beyond other humans. He also faces the scorn of Zeus's wife Hera. Using her magic, she tricks Hercules into performing a series of twelve impossible labors, each one a test of his strength, courage, and cunning. Will he complete the labors, or will Hera's wrath destroy him? Perseus, another son of Zeus, faces an equally frightful task. Thanks to the scheming King Polydectes, Perseus must slay the snake-haired Medusa, whose look turns people to stone. But Perseus has gifts from the gods on his side. Will their favorÑand his braveryÑbe enough to help him survive?

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6 5/8" x 9 1/4"
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Paul D. Storrie
Lerner Publishing Group (Graphic Universe™)
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