Family Rivalries: The Legends of Thor & Loki and Isis & Osiris

Thor, god of thunder, and his trickster brother, Loki, have an eternal argument: Does strength always win, or do brains beat brawn? To find an answer, they travel to the land of giants. There they face challenges that prove once and for all which god is right. In Egypt's Land of the Nile, the great and generous Osiris is king. The land's people love him, and so does the queen, the goddess Isis. But Osiris's jealous brother Set has a plan to overthrow Osiris and take his place on the Egyptian throne. Will Egypt suffer under a tyrant? Or can Isis save Osiris and conquer Set?

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"6 5/8" x 9 1/4"
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Library Bound
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Jeff Limke
Lerner Publishing Group (Graphic Universe™)
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