Legendary Underdogs: The Legends of Ali Baba and Sunjata

In a beloved story from Arabian Nights, the humble Ali Baba discovers a secret cave full of priceless treasure. The problem? Forty bandits have hidden it there. When Ali Baba takes some riches for his family, the secret soon gets out. And Ali Baba will have to outfight or outwit a legion of thieves. Sunjata, warrior king of Mali, leader of West African legend, begins life unable to pull a bowÑunable to even walk. But a prophesy tells of his becoming the mansa of the Mande peopleÑthe greatest king ever to rule. As a rival army and sinister sorcerer move to challenge him, will Sunjata be able to claim his destiny?

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"6 5/8" x 9 1/4"
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Library Bound
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Justine Fontes; Ron Fontes; M
Lerner Publishing Group (Graphic Universe™)
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