Lands and Lords of Death: The Legends of Marwe and The Hero Twins

In Marwe's East African village, food is scarce. When she ruins the village's crops, she can't face her angry family. Instead, she runs offÑinto the Land of the Dead. Marwe knows her home is elsewhere. But will she find the courage that will return her to the land of the living? The Mayan gods have blessed Hunahpu and Xbalanque with special gifts. One of them, the twins' skill at the ball game of Pok-ta-Pok, draws the resentment of the lords of death. When the lords challenge the brothers to Pok-ta-Pok in their realm of Xibalba, Hunahpu and Xbalanque must use all their power and cunning to survive the challenge.

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"6 5/8" x 9 1/4"
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Library Bound
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Dan Jolley; Marie P. Croall
Lerner Publishing Group (Graphic Universe™)
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